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say what???

Nordic folk have been eating quark for generations. Eight months ago we decided the time had come to bring quark bars to the UK.

We're delighted to have unveiled YAAR at this years lunch! show with four flavours... Toffee, Classic Vanilla, Double Choc & Cloudberry.

They’re like yogurt you can hold (best nibbled cold).

Quark is set to be the next dairy giant. It’s delicious, filling and low FODMAP. Naturally high in protein and low in salt, quark is also a great source of the vitamin K2.

What do YAARs taste like? Greek yoghurt? Fromage frais? Sort of like both, and kinda like neither.

You have to try a bar to know it's YAAR..

4 flavours : 



There's a time and a place for spooning - our little YAAR bars are the perfect on the go snack.

On-the-go bars of silky Nordic quark coated in caramel or Belgian chocolate. Each gluten free bar boasts the nutritional benefits of quark, naturally high in protein and all under 150 calories.

They’re like yogurt you can hold (best nibbled cold). A brand new category of spoonless snacking.

Brilliant at breakfast, very nice at noon, post date night snack n' swooooon... (no need for a spoon!)

Launching as single bars in chilled aisle (RRP 99p) multipacks will follow. Get in touch via our contact page for loads more info. 

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Where is this magical bar from we hear you ask?

16,000 miles away there is a mystical, little known island that goes by the name of Saaremaa.

An island of legend and beauty: think rolling hills, beaches, thick forests, windmills, castles, craters and arguably best of all, the hometown of bars of creamy delicious quarkiness.

Oona, our in-house mascot, our very own Tony the Tiger if you will can also be found flying through the Estonian skies. These nocturnal Nordic angels are an endangered species, and we hope over time - with your help - we'll be able to help get squirrel numbers back to safety. 

Oona's blog is launching soon. You'll also find her insta below.